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Keeping Your Pets Safe Year-Round

Keeping Your Pets Safe Year-Round

By taking necessary precautions, you can protect your beloved pet against pesky parasites that threaten their health and happiness. Parasites such as heartworm, ticks and fleas can wreak havoc on your pet’s life and bring sickness and disease to your household. By giving your pet year-round treatment against these parasites, you reduce the risk of infestations all year long.

Parasite Control with Prevention

When it comes to parasite control for your beloved pet, prevention should be your goal. Year-round preventative treatments will ensure your pet has the protection it needs against heartworm, ticks and fleas. Although cold winter weather has the potential to slow down infestations, there’s no guarantee your pet will escape unscathed without preventative care.

If your pet spends a good deal of time indoors during winter, their fur could provide fleas and ticks with a safe haven against the cold. You may think your pet is safe while all the while they're harboring these nasty parasites. Even mosquitoes don’t always die off completely in winter. Without the protection of proper medication, if your pet were to be bitten by a heartworm carrying mosquito, they could contract lung disease and potentially die. Why take chances when you could fully protect your pet with medications year round?

Benefits of Preventative Year-Round Care

There are numerous reasons to keep your pet on preventative treatments all year long. Preventative care can:

Keep your pet free of sickness and disease. Flea and tick bites can transmit diseases to your pet that can cause anemia, fever, joint pain, kidney failure and other debilitating conditions. These conditions could be fatal to young puppies or kittens. By taking preventative measures, you can extend the health and lifespan of your feline or canine companion.

When it comes to pest control for your beloved pet, prevention should be your goal. Year-round preventative treatments will ensure your pet has the protection it needs against heartworm, ticks and fleas.

Keep pets comfortable and happy. Parasite free pets are happy pets. A happy pet will be a more loving and playful companion. Year-round parasite treatments reduce the risk of your pet suffering from tick, flea or mosquito bites that cause discomfort and pain.

Keep your home free of infestations. Pet protection means protection for your home as well. It can be extremely difficult to rid your home of fleas once they’re embedded in furniture, carpeting and bedding. By skimping on preventative treatments for your pet during winter, you run the risk of having a full-blown infestation come spring.

Get Your Pet's Treatments Today

Your best bet is to maintain preventative treatments all year long for the health and happiness of your pet. By making an appointment at Park Hills Animal Hospital, you can have your pet checked to ensure they are parasite free and in good health. We can also provide you with quality medical treatments that will keep your pet in the best of health. Call us today at 859-581-5200 for all your pet care needs.    

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