Park Hills Animal Hospital   1555 Dixie Highway  Park Hills,KY41011   (859) 581-5200
Park Hills Animal Hospital
1555 Dixie Highway
Park HillsKY 41011
 (859) 581-5200

Reviews Of Park Hills Animal Hospital

4.89 35 Reviews
kelly martodam
Dec 18, 2017

sandyj appling
Oct 25, 2017

Always nice an really care for your pets thank you

Amy Forrester
Oct 19, 2017

We recently had to put our family cat, Maddie, down at Park Hills Animal Hospital. The staff and doctors there were so comforting and compassionate during such a difficult time. Dr. Collett took the time to go over all of our options about 3 weeks prior, and knew that we weren't quite ready to let our sweet girl go just yet. He did everything he could to give her a good last couple of weeks and it worked. Although we still didn't want to let her go, we knew it was time and Dr. Collett and the staff were so understanding and genuinely caring during the process. Thank you to all the staff and doctors there! My mom and I truly appreciate everything!

Cindy Collins
Sep 26, 2017

I love this vet office!! Everyone there is so compassionate and truly care about your animal. I first brought my German shepherd here four years ago, she was 13. They diagnosed her with something, but it turned out not to be what it was, the vet said it could be a brain tumor, or anything. He helped me make the right decision, as hard as it was it was the right thing. They gave me as much time as I needed before the process was started, and I got to stay with her the whole time so the last face she saw was mine. They put her paw in a clay so I have an everlasting reminder of her paw print, and they even sent me a sympathy card. Fast forward 4 years, I had to take my other dog in, he had ran into a tree branch, and got gouged pretty good. They stitched him up and he is fine....I wont go into to what he did to he stitches, but they even took care of that. they called to make sure he was okay, said they actually missed him at the office. I will never go to any other vet office. These guys are awesome!!!

John Kimzey
Sep 17, 2017

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